I have been a patient of Dr. Desai for about 20 years. I am very much satisfied with his work. Sometimes I think a procedure is taking a very long time, but then I remember Dr. Desai is a perfectionist and will not let you leave until his work is perfect. Dr. Desai does amazing dental work! I am a much happier person than I would be without it!
Jacquelyn M.

My experience with Dr. Desai has been pleasant, during the series of treatments Dr. Desai and his staff has provided care above and beyond my expectations. Over the years, Dr. Desai has demonstrated his expertise in many procedures he has preformed in my dental care. The confidence I feel in Dr. Desai care is a definite plus to my ongoing dental health. Each time my appointments were handled in a professional manner and in an efficient manner. Dr. Desai and his staff were responsive to my concerns and answered all my questions.
Carolyn C.

I have been Dr. Desai’s patients for twenty plus years. The care and treatment I received from Dr. Desai is exceptionally good. Dr. Desai is a caring dentist and a “painless” dentist. The staff in Dr. Desai’s office is always warm and welcoming, making me feel as one of the family.
Sherri P.

Dr. Desai has been our dentist for several years and we have been very pleased with the care we have received. Dr. Desai is a skilled and thorough professional. He finds and treats small problems before they become big ones. He and his staff provide a caring and friendly experience and make all patients feel like family.
Bob and Karen H.

My grandson and I were going through old photos and he asked me why I never used to smile pictures, and now I always have a great big smile on my face. He was very observant! The simple truth was that I used to stop short and freeze when someone wanted to take a picture because seeing my smile on film was devastating for me. Words can’t express my appreciation to you for all the extensive and painless dental restoration work you preformed, and for your compassion and thoughtfulness. Thanks to you, I can now show all my love and enthusiasm to my family and friends through my smile!
Carol B.

For the past 18 years I have entrusted Dr. Raj Desai with my teeth! What better tribute could I give to him! With Dr. Desai, I’ve had Major work done to my mouth. At different times, I have entered Dr. Desai’s office experiencing emotions of anxiety, fear, impatience and worry – always I have exited his office with one emotion-Satisfaction. I think my oral surgeon said it best: “Dr. Desai is the Michelangelo of teeth!”
Applause goes out to Dr. Desai and his staff for being caring professionals.
Sandra A.

Dr. Desai saved my front tooth. I had seen two endodontists as well as consulted with two oral surgeons and found myself destined to have my front tooth extracted with a temporary partial denture. I felt devastated having had regular dental checkups. A friend recommended Dr. Desai. Professionalism and genuine kindness engendered by Dr. Desai put me at ease. My front tooth was not the problem. Not only did Dr. Desai refer me to a Neurologist (diagnosis-Trigeminal Neuralgia) he also restored my front tooth with a post and beautiful ceramic crown.
I can’t say enough of finding a Dentist who correctly diagnosed my pain and is an artist of tooth restoration.
Susan G.

I have been a patient of Dr. Desai for several years. What a blessing he has been for me. I had tried numerous corrective measures. I was referred to Dr. Desai which has been very successful. I have had many positive experiences with Dr. Desai. He is very skilled and professional, able and willing to accomplish feats that others shy away from, has a subtle sense of humor, which I appreciate and he is sensitive to my goal of keeping my teeth. I am very thankful that I found Dr. Desai.
Eleanor Y.

Dr. Desai has been my dentist for 15 years. He takes his time and is an intuitive, skillful and knowledgeable professional. I felt from the beginning that I could trust him. He has advocated a conservative approach to my dental problems. The work that Dr. Desai has done for me has been superb; there have been no mistakes to fix.
Downey D.

The work Dr. Desai did on my smile guaranteed me a customer for life. I am totally persuaded that Dr. Desai is more than capable of satisfying all of my dental needs. I recommended Dr. Desai and his staff to all of my family and friends. If anyone is interested in a professional dentist who offers pain free dentistry and will work with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied than I highly recommend you to take your business to Dr. Desai.
Lena W.

Dr. Desai is “The Artist”. I have been a patient Dr. Desai for many years. Dr. Desai is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. My family and friends have at times commented about my beautiful teeth and smile, this is all because of Dr. Desai. I am grateful to my remarkable and dedicated artist of a dentist. His office and support staff is a combined marvel of expertise.

I have been going to Dr. Desai for the last 30 years. He saved my teeth and rebuilt my gums. He does miracles. His professionalism and my patience worked for that wonder. I am now 82 and a living example of his professionalism. I travel 30 miles one way for each visit and it is worth all 60 miles. Find out for yourself.
Jagdish N.

After bad experiences with other dentists, my mother referred me to Dr. Desai and said he was very good. He was able to see me right away. Dr. Desai’s professionalism and calming effect made me determined to put my dental problems in his hands. Dr. Desai is now my friend and I am glad I made the decision in selecting him as my dentist.
Kathleen S.

Dr. Desai’s office is small and very intimate and personal. His staff is some of the nicest people that I have ever met, they are extremely sincere and they care about their patients. I cannot ever recall having to wait in the waiting room more than ten minutes to be seen. Dr. Desai is an excellent dentist who spends as much time with each patient as necessary and takes time to explain his diagnosis and answer any questions that his patients may have. He is very patient and meticulous in his work, and I would recommend him to anyone.
Kara S.

I am very proud to say that I am a patient of Dr. Desai for 30 years. He has done great work for myself and many members of my family. Whatever the problem he always gives me good advise and has done the very best to accommodate my schedule. I moved away and still drive to his office for his kind and gentle care. He is truly a man dedicated to his profession.

Whenever people compliment me on my smile, I spontaneously reply, “Teeth by Desai,” because I know it’s my teeth that make all the difference. Without question, teeth are the single greatest beauty asset – or detractor! Knowing mine look good makes me smile all the more. His office staff was always caring, and he always had the latest, state-of-the-art equipment to identify and address problems most efficiently and painlessly.
Carolyn K. Long

Raj Desai has been my dentist for over 25 years. He is more than a consummate dentist. He is a compassionate artist, who is always available and creative in his ability to save teeth and money.

Dr. Desai is a dentist who does everything he can to keep your natural teeth healthy and strong. Three generations of my family have been his patients. My mother first saw him in the early 1980’s when she came to him for a second opinion. Her dentist at the time thought a molar had to be removed. Because this molar was the anchor for a bridge, extracting this tooth would mean she would have to get partial dentures. She was in her 50’s at the time and didn’t want dentures. Dr. Desai thought he might be able to save the tooth and bridge and they took a chance. It worked and she had her tooth for some 20 years. He’s been my dentist since 1983 and except for a cap (without a root canal) and fillings I have not needed any major dental work. When I married in the early 1990s my husband became his patient. He too, has been very satisfied. Now, our teenage daughter is his patient. That’s three generations!If you are looking for a gentle, professional, kind, caring, and knowledgeable dentist that you can trust, Dr. Desai is the dentist for you.
Laurie Holman

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